blyssful PRODUCTIONS currently has a slate of projects for both traditional avenues of distribution and broadcast as well as multi-media platforms.

blyssful PRODUCTIONS is attending Banff this year in June to pitch our slate.

if you are interested in our slate and wish to review the one-sheets for our properties please email us or contact siobhan directly at 1 604 842 6663
"Staying at home doesn't mean staying out of trouble."

is a transmedia comedy series about being a man and a dad for the X-Why bother Generation.

Set in the Pacific Northwest and shot single camera format, DADS follows a group of early 30's long-time friends now turned stay-at-home dads as they explore the meaning of being a parent from a new and irreverent perspective.

 Cutting through all the precious "oohs" and "aahs" of parenthood DADS captures and exploits the real-life disasters that occur when a group of guys are left to try and figure it out for themselves.

With the local playground as their home base, Tim, Jesse, Davinder along with their unattached still-partying friend Josh, roam the neighbourhood all the while changing diapers, pushing strollers and keeping a cavalier eye on their kids.

Together, these seemingly reluctant caregivers definitely do things their own way. With the best of intentions but prone to distraction, they are constantly trying to hold onto their reckless pasts — while surviving the present.

The Curious Goose
An animated educational children's property, written by the character of Tim in DADS
Holding Pattern is a ½ hour sit-com that follows the lives of the people who work at the regionally unimportant Deshine Airport.
Travel International (working title) is a 1/2 hour comedy.   What happens when a post 60s idealist running an international Hostel is forced to confront the realities of the 21st century?

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