19 min 16 sec


Canada, 2012 (shot on location in Simi Valley, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

-2012 Yorkton Film Festival- Golden Sheaf Best Drama (Short) -2011 WAM Festival Commission Shorts Competition Winner -2008 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, 2nd place


Will (David Cormican), a paranoid and confused Canadian soldier of German descent becomes trapped in an impact crater during WWI, realizing he will not survive the ordeal, he commits to killing a similarly trapped neighboring German soldier named Karl (Michael Hyder).

Complications arise when Karl offers Will a deal that will save both their lives. Will, according to the plan, must leave the safety of his crater, crawl to Karl’s crater and help him walk to the nearby German encampment. There, Karl will then convince the other German gunners to let Will go freely.

Both men will be at the mercy of the other man; blind trust. Will, at great risk, braves and outsmarts the surrounding forces to make the “crawl of death” to Karl’s crater only to discover that not only was Karl in fact a medic, but that Will had already viciously killed the unarmed medic moments before his entrapment in the crater, and has in fact manifested Karl’s voice in his imagination to lead himself to safety and a new way out.

Writer: David Carey (Kildare, Ireland)
Director: Laurence Cohen (Calgary, AB)
Producer:Andrew Raiher (Los Angeles, CA)
Co-Producers:David Cormican (Regina, SK) Laurence Cohen (Calgary, AB)
Executive Producers: S. Siobhan McCarthy (Vancouver, BC) David Cormican (Regina, SK)
Editor: Laurence Cohen (Calgary, AB)
Composer: Andrew Raiher (Los Angeles, CA)
D.O.P.: Kenneth Wiatrak (Los Angeles, CA)
Cast: David Cormican (LULLABY FOR PI, MINUS LARA)


-2012 Yorkton Film Festival- Golden Sheaf Best Drama (Short) -2011 WAM Festival Commission Shorts Competition Winner -2008 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, 2nd place

Biographies LAURENCE COHEN (DIRECTOR/ CO- PRODUCER) At 25, Laurence most recently completed work in visual effects for Gulliver’s Travels, Thor and Captain America. This represents a dream of working in movies since a very young age. Beginning in claymation at age 8, Laurence continued to make 15 films by the time he was 16. Laurence’s work Pop Wars at age 15 was nominated for ‘Best Computer Animated Film’ at the EyeLenz Film Festival. It was also nominated for ‘Editing’, which is rare since editing in animation takes place before production. Also, by the age of 15, he had won 12 awards for acting in the Calgary Kiwanis Festival including the gold medal in the ‘Duologue’ category for three consecutive years. In his graduating year of high school Laurence won ‘Best Film’ at the Western Canada High School Film Festival and was awarded scholarship entry into York University’s film production program. Having interned at Aurenya Entertainment, Idea Machine, and New Machine Studios for multiple years, Laurence gained professional experience in animation and special effects including credits for Raven Tales, which has, among other festivals, screened at Sundance and won the ‘Governor’s Cup’ at the Sante Fe Film Festival. His 2nd year film Left Hook won Best Documentary at the Young Cuts Festival in Montreal in 2006. His 3rd year film is currently being considered by the Alberta Ministry of Education to be used in schools across the province as an anti-bullying film. His most recent short film, The Rocket Man, won ‘Best Canadian Short’ at the 12th Okanagan International Film Festival and has screened at BridgeFest (Bosnia) and at MIFF (Mississauga Independent Film Festival). It will also screen at the 2011 Bay Street Film Festival and was also a semi-finalist at the Angelus Student Film Festival 2009. His documentary Life in a Day with Magen David Adom has been distributed by the head office of Magen David Adom Canada to all the country’s chapters. A 2010 National Screen Institute Drama Prize Award Recipient for the short film Rusted Pyre, Laurence has most recently directed and edited Rusted Pyre, set to screen at Festival de Cannes 2011 as part of Telefilm’s Canada @ Cannes “Not Short on Talent” and in Toronto for the CFC’s Worldwide Short Film Festival. Laurence also edited CSSC’s 2010 2nd place winner Minus Lara (nominated for the 2011 Best of Saskatchewan Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton Film Festival and edited CSSC’s 2009 1st place winner Seeing in the Dark. Laurence loves to tell stories that take the audience on a journey. ‘The ultimate cinematic experience is in establishing an imaginative world and realizing its most creative, integral and powerful interaction with the characters.’

DAVID CORMICAN (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/ CO- PRODUCER; WILL) DAVID CORMICAN is an award winning blogger (2011 Canadian Weblog Award winner – best literature & writing and arts & culture categories and 2010 Canadian Weblog Award winner for literature & writing), father, performer, filmmaker, producer and founder of the prestigious Canadian Short Screenplay Competition (CSSC), an organization he formed in 2008 to showcase and promote emerging screenwriters through recognition and the production of their work. In 2010, Cormican was nominated for the Regina Mayor’s Arts & Business Award for Innovation in the Arts and a recipient of NSI’s Drama Prize. In addition to establishing CSSC’s Short Film Fund, he was also recently made a partner with Minds Eye Entertainment, where he is in charge of development for the company’s feature film, television and branded content. Cormican’s impressive producing credits belie his youth. Recent executive producing accomplishments include the 2012 SXSW world premiere and $19M action thriller The Tall Man (Jessica Biel, Stephen McHattie) and the $15M female-in-jeopardy thriller Faces in the Crowd (Milla Jovavich, Julian McMahon, Michael Shanks) for Minds Eye and producing Rusted Pyre (Brooke Palsson, Samantha Somer Wilson), which premiered at the 2011 Festival de Cannes as part of Telefilm’s Perspective Canada screenings, followed by a Canadian bow at the 2011 Worldwide Short Film Festival and Minus Lara (Romina D’Ugo), for which he received his first nomination as a producer with a nod for the exclusive Ruth Shaw Golden Sheaf award of excellence as part of the 2011 Yorkton Film Festival. Both Pyre and Lara co-won Best in Canada award at the Reel Rave International Film Festival in 2011. He is a board member for Regina Downtown BID, ACTRA Saskatchewan, board member representing the arts portfolio for SaskCulture and he currently holds the Saskatchewan seat for the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA). He also sits on various committees and juries for SaskFilm, the CMPA, Universal Film & Festival Organization, Reel World Film Festival and Worldwide Short Film Festival.

ANDREW RAIHER (PRODUCER; COMPOSER) Born and educated in London, Andrew Raiher, has been primarily a film music composer, having studied at Trinity College of Music. He works in London and Los Angeles and recently completed the score for THE ORANGES (dir. Julien Farino and prod. Leslie Urdang). He also completed scoring on REDLINE (Chicago Pictures) for director Andy Cheng and producer Mario Kassar with a $30M production budget. More recent credits include POINTE BLANK for director Fred Cavaye, HEARTBREAKER for director Pascal Chaumeil, WAKING MADISON for director Katherine Brooks and Annapurna Productions; SCORPION KING 2 for Universal Pictures; DRAGON HUNTERS for Paris based Futurikon; and STARSHIP TROOPERS 3 for Sony/ApolloMovie Beteiligungs/Bold. Having written the score for RUSTED PYRE, producing WILL, is his entry in to the world of film production and continues his relationship with David Cormican and Laurence Cohen.

DAVID CAREY (WRITER) DAVID CAREY is a writer and animator from Kildare, Ireland. He writes both novels and screenplays, and was the winner of the 2008 Golden Cinema Award in the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition. His debut novel, Faerytale of William Bennett is the first in a series of novels available since early 2012 via Amazon Kindle. With Diplomas in both Classical and 3D Character Animation from BCFE, Dublin and AnimationMentor, respectively, David currently works as an animator at JAM Media in Dublin on a series commissioned by the BBC, and continues avidly writing in his free time.

MICHEL HYDER (KARL SCHONTALL) Michael started his acting training in Las Vegas, Nevada and appeared in various community theatre productions throughout the city. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, CA, he studied at the Joanne Baron/DW Brown Studio, in Santa Monica, where he learned the “Meisner Technique”. Michael has appeared in some Feature Films, Shorts, Indies and Student Films including credits in Jason Buglio’s 2.0, Shawn Crane and David D’Amico’s The After-Lyfes and City of Anger for Ken Wilson.

KENNETH WIATRAK (DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY) Kenneth Wiatrak began his career as a cinematographer shooting documentaries on subjects ranging from Hindu faith healing in Guyana to Hydrocarbon Development in rural Michigan and the plight of institutionalized developmentally disabled persons. The broad range of skills acquired and required in documentary filmmaking were transferred to the fiction world when he became staff director of photography for California based Visual Effects houses, Silver Cloud Productions, Metrolight Studios and Rainmaker Digital (Los Angeles). As a director of photography he has shot dozens of national and international commercials, promos for the major U.S. networks, music videos, six feature films and a variety of special visual effects projects for the Walt Disney Companies and Universal Studios. His clients have included: Walt Disney Feature Animation, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Dentsu Advertising-Tokyo, Universal Studios, CBS Studios, NBC Studios, Panasonic Corporation Hakuhodo Agency, Tokyo Disney Land, Metrolight Studios, New Line Cinema, Lacsa Airlines, KNBC Television, KCAL Television, Capitol Records, NTT Corporation-Tokyo, Mitsubishi Motor Cars, Paramount Studios, Humprey/Browning/McDougall Advertising, J. Walter Thompson, Hawaiian Telephone, Millici-Valenti Advertising, Castle Advertising, Warner Brothers Studios, New Line Cinema, Panasonic Corporation, Chrysler Mexico, BBD&O Mexico, Hyundai Corporation, Diamond Advertising Inc., CBS Studios.

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