secrecy – hope – ruin


Blending elements of a crime thriller and a contemporary social drama, DOWN HERE is a 90 minute feature film set in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside.


When an alcoholic detective fights to find a murderer targeting street workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, he struggles to escape the haunting memories of his past and unexpectedly finds solace within the fragile community he endeavors to protect.

A growing number of murders targeting young women in the Downtown Lower East Side of Vancouver have left law enforcement with little to go on.  Into this world enters ROY HARRIS (Dean Wray) an alcoholic detective wracked with the guilt of crippling his daughter while drunk behind the wheel.  

When the lines between Roy's professional life and his addiction begin to blur, he finds himself under the scrutiny of his boss SUPERINTENDENT WILEY (Brent Stait) and the department psychiatrist DR. MILLER (Michael Rogers).

A chance meeting with STELLA MITCHELL (Tantoo Cardinal) may provide Roy with the understanding he needs to get his life on track, however when the body of another victim turns up, Roy crosses the professional line and in doing so endangers the safety of his trusted partner DET. TIM BOWN (Martin Cummins). 

Relieved of his badge, Roy takes to the streets in search of the killer and with the help of YVONNE (Teach Grant) a transvestite hooker, he just might find the redemption he is looking for, but will he embrace sobriety in time?

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