WILL Canada, 2012
(shot on location in Simi Valley, Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Will (David Cormican), a paranoid and confused Canadian soldier of German descent becomes trapped in an impact crater during WWI, realizing he will not survive the ordeal, he commits to killing a similarly trapped neighboring German soldier named Karl (Michael Hyder).

Complications arise when Karl offers Will a deal that will save both their lives. Will, according to the plan, must leave the safety of his crater, crawl to Karl’s crater and help him walk to the nearby German encampment. There, Karl will then convince the other German gunners to let Will go freely. Both men will be at the mercy of the other man; blind trust. Will, at great risk, braves and outsmarts the surrounding forces to make the “crawl of death” to Karl’s crater only to discover that not only was Karl in fact a medic, but that Will had already viciously killed the unarmed medic moments before his entrapment in the crater, and has in fact manifested Karl’s voice in his imagination to lead himself to safety and a new way out.

Writer: David Carey (Kildare, Ireland)

Director: Laurence Cohen (Calgary, AB)
Producer:Andrew Raiher (Los Angeles, CA)
Co-Producers:David Cormican (Regina, SK) Laurence Cohen (Calgary, AB)
Executive Producers: S. Siobhan McCarthy (Vancouver, BC) David Cormican (Regina, SK) Editor: Laurence Cohen (Calgary, AB)
Composer: Andrew Raiher (Los Angeles, CA) D.O.P.: Kenneth Wiatrak (Los Angeles, CA)
Cast: David Cormican (LULLABY FOR PI, MINUS LARA) Michael Hyder (2.0, CITY OF ANGER, THE AFTER-LYFES)



-2008 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, 2nd place

 -2011 WAM Festival Commission Shorts Competition Winner

-2012 Yorkton Film Festival- Best Short Drama
Patience and Absurdity
16 minute short

Distributor Moving Images Pictures

Executive Producer: S. Siobhan McCarthy
Producer: by Paula Cole Directors: sylvi macCormac and Paula Cole Editor: Tom Weston
DOP: D’Arcy Hamilton
PA : Valerie Vanderstappen & Helen Masambal

Sylvia sits down for a cup of tea with sylvi and their cat Isabella, showing the fluidity and uncertainty of time space language physical ability pain and the absurdity of it all. Mother and Daughter open windows to scenes filled with love and joy, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis, patience and absurdity. Patience and Absurdity shows the synchronized interaction of a mother and daughter as they move through life together, leading and following, enriching each others experiences, sharing stories of a life well-lived and creating memories soon forgotten. “
Penguins (are so sensitive to my needs)

Sometimes in life … you just need to go with the floe.

Penguins (are so sensitive to my needs) is the story of Peter, an advertising writer under the gun to create an ad for a fledgling coffee company. He is suffering the ultimate writer’s block and hasn’t a clue what to do – until an unsuspecting penguin invades his subconscious and starts creating it for him – whether he likes it or not!

Filmed partly in live action and part animation, we follow the journeys of Puff the Penguin and Peter, until their two worlds inevitably collide. www.sensitivepenguins.ca

Matthew Kowalchuk, writer, director, producer
Matthew is a Vancouver-based filmmaker who works in theatre and film as a writer, actor, director, and producer. His first short film, The Janitors (co-written and co-directed with Daniel Arnold), has been seen worldwide and was a recipient of the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize. He has completed one other short (Hearing Test), and a music video. His current project is the feature film adaptation of Morris Panych’s international stage hit, Lawrence & Holloman.
Beauty School
Short Film


When 40-something-year-old Laurie admits that she’s been considering a “face transplant”, long-time friends, Frank and Kate, work together to help her rediscover what really makes her beautiful.

Beauty School is the story of Laurie, a 40-something woman who’s lost sight of what makes her beautiful and is struggling with the question of whether or not to get a “face transplant”.

It is also the story of Frank (played by David Roche), a stylist with some very different opinions on the nature of beauty itself. With the help of Laurie’s friend, Kate, Frank reminds her that what she needs isn’t a new face — just a new perspective.

Adam Grant Warren – Director
Adam comes to film as screenwriter and a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film and Television Program. His own short films, including Naked, Float, and Mind Your Manners have screened at numerous national and international festivals from Whistler, to Toronto, to Seoul South Korea. He’s also won several awards for his prose and theatre work. Among them are the Birks Medal, The Storey Prize, and the Newfoundland Arts and Letters Award for Fiction. Beauty School is Adam’s first short as Director.

David Roche – Writer
David is a pioneer in disability culture. He has reinvented himself as a comedian, a solo performer, and an ensemble actor – featured in several films, including the NFB’s Shameless. His one-person show has appeared from New Zealand to Moscow to the UK, across Canada and the US (the White House and the Kennedy Center). The Penguin Group has recently published David’s first book, The Church of 80% Sincerity. Now, with lots of mentoring and encouragement, he has entered the exciting world of filmmaking.

Keith Opatovsky – Producer
Keith is a producer, director and writer of film, stage production and web-based media. Since receiving his Degree in Film Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, he has served as a producer for RedStack Films, Borrowtime Productions and The Pipedream Theatre Project Society, and is a co-founder of the sketch comedy group Idle Minds. Most recently he has produced the webseries Bob and Andrew and 1-800-Dirty Talk, the independent feature film Do Something With Your Life and the stage musical Adding Machine. He lives in Vancouver with his wife Teresa.

Executive Producer- S. Siobhan McCarthy
Funny Business- Crazy 8's 2011 Selection

"Esther and Eddie over-plan everything, even their sex life. When they unexpectedly discover that laughing at Eddie's jokes makes Esther climax, things start to heat up in the bedroom."

Credits: Writer: Andrew Templeton Director: Russell Bennett Producers: S. Siobhan McCarthy & Kate Green Co-Producers: Andrew Templeton, Gillian Bennett, Russell Bennett
DOP- Tyler Gamby
Editor- George Faulkner

for press releases please visit: The Vancouver Sun Crazy 8's Playback Magazine http://www.nsi-canada.ca/bc_nsi_drama_prize_team_crazy8s_winner.aspx
Happy Meal

happy meal from S. Siobhan McCarthy on Vimeo.

Blyss from S. Siobhan McCarthy on Vimeo.

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