blyssful PRODUCTIONS is an innovative, independent production company that pushes the boundaries, encourages people to explore, discover and “reveal their edge” through our insightful and current productions and workshops.
We have a unique niche aesthetic that has brought us local, regional, national and international acclaim.
We seek to continue creating and disseminating our work with integrity and quality in both the national and international marketplace.
blyssful PRODUCTIONS ’ mission is to focus on bringing original, thought provoking, locally devised and created works to the public.
We believe that the best kind of art, be it music, acting, theatre, film or television come out of social and political awareness.
To create, produce, direct, educate, distribute and perform media offerings to be marketed through not only the traditional avenues of production, live audiences, but also through emerging and new media formats. At blyssful PRODUCTIONS we tell stories through issue based dramas and comedies that reflect the on-going realities of our society.
Just as in life, where one is reaching out to another, as in Person to Person, there are always those special voices; those incredible stories; those amazing story tellers; those charismatic entertainers who reach into our souls to make us sit up and take notice.
Once someone falls under the spell of an amazing story and the teller: Then that is the magic of the muse: It knows no boundaries: It erases them.

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